4th March 2017

Coded Cocktails

Coded Cocktails

From the creator of ABQ London and The Bunyadi (London’s Naked restaurant) another unique project that promises to decode desires and personalities for a truly unique experience.

The Bletchley is a new cocktail bar concept inspired by the works of Alan Turing and the fictional spy Sherlock Holmes.

Patrons will enter a hidden underground bunker like space where they shall operate cipher machines and puzzles to decode traits of their personality and preferences into code, consequently translating into ingredients of their cocktails.

Think Enigma machines, radio transmitters and a Sherlock style escape room all in a very immersive setting.

“I believe the restaurants and bars of tomorrow would be menu-free, at least in a written format which is currently in use. Menus will become interactive objects and items, like odours and colours, which represent the dish or the beverage on offer. They will be more sensual and unlike the boring wine list, which even a savvy drinker can’t make sense of.”

“The Bletchley is my first attempt to take on this challenge and launch the world’s first cocktail bar where the menu is derived from odour references and personal characters of the patron.”

Seb Lyall, Founder

Take a look at The Bletchley website – you’ll need to crack the following code to get in though: It’s the number of a super-secret Area in New Mexico where the Air Force keeps all the space aliens — dead or alive — who have found their way to government property.