5th September 2018

The ultimate event for the meat replacement lovers

The ultimate event for the meat replacement lovers

Hammer & Tongs is partnering with More Than Carrots, to put this to the test for one very special evening.

Because nobody knows how to work a grill quite like h&T’s Chef!

This exclusive ticketed event will take place on 24th September, and from 7pm to 9:30pm you can sample a fine barbecued selection of meat replacements and vegetables on Hammer & Tongs’ famous wood-fired Braai grill. There will be plenty of vegan options as well!

  1. You’ll get to eat them all: ‘fake’ sausages, burgers & steaks, as well as lots of different types of grilled vegetables.
  2. You’ll learn about meat replacement ingredients: soy, seitan, mushrooms, tofu… Are they healthy? Do they taste good?
  3. And you’ll learn about vegetable preparation: marinades, cooking methods, cooking times… The very same vegetable can give you loads of different textures and flavours!

Book a ticket or two and enjoy a delicious meal with a glass of wine while learning a lot and finding your new favourites!

Join in for this very special evening of exploration 🙂

Limited tickets available, get yours here!