29th November 2018

Why you should choose SALT for your 2019 marketing planning

Why you should choose SALT for your 2019 marketing planning

Alison and Gaby founded SALT in 2015 on a mission to share their knowledge and passion about marketing for the restaurant industry.

Their vision, however, differed from that of a standard agency, and they wanted to channel all their experience* to help venues in understanding their core pillars and capitalise on those effortlessly.

That’s how SALT came to life.

SALT works in the background and establishes a clear path for improvement of those areas that take time and attention away from in-house marketing teams.

SALT’s robust audit process provides the insight the team need to re-think their approach to their marketing strategy. It provides recommendations and highlights any missed growth opportunity.

The team at SALT  help springboard the venue’s current digital positioning, enhance its profiles and evaluate in-house platforms.  The ultimate aim to secure more bookings and the process SALT establishes is robust and reliable.

The venue receives the audit within 10 days from the point of confirmation with the option to retain SALT to deliver those highlighted steps for improvement and guarantee a timely, extra layer of exposure.

Alison and Gaby’s vision is to offer simplicity, clarity and flexibility, to go in line with the fast paced restaurant environment.

Here’s how they do it.


*Alison and Gaby have worked for a combined 20 years at Livebookings, now Bookatable.